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Mega Collection 1

Mega Collection 1

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  • Date of publication: 15-07-2019, 15:35

List of Tracks

Funkymix (1-160)

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  1. Lecness
    Lecness Użytkownik 16 July 2019 07:24
    is this file format are the same that ultimix.com has right now, WAV format?? 
    1. arturro
      arturro Administrator 16 July 2019 16:58
      this is WAV and MP3 format - they are mixed up
      1. djslim10
        djslim10 Użytkownik 17 July 2019 06:16
        can someone provide a good link for this? doesn't work it seems

        thanks brothers
      2. Lecness
        Lecness Użytkownik 17 July 2019 14:38
        ah ok! I suggest since most of the subscriber here are DJs that as much as possible avoid posting file mp3 format which are in low quality such as 128 CBR:( especially the old ones issues of any remix service. hope we level the quality of the music..have the lowest quality on 320 instead and upto WAV & FLAC. just sayin mr. administrator so that we can keep a highest standards of all the post. Peace!
  2. Brayan
    Brayan Użytkownik 7 August 2019 09:09
    Link Not Working
  3. Kevin Rebellious
    Kevin Rebellious Użytkownik 8 August 2019 01:16
    Link does not seem to work. please Repost if possible..Thanks
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